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ICTFAX 3.7 – Admin Guide


ICTFAX 3.7 – Admin Guide

Trunk configuration

  1. Get trunk configuration from your sip provider

  2. Create Gateway in Freeswitch. Follow instruction at on how to setup a gateway in freeswitch.

  3. Reload or restart Freeswitch

    /usr/local/freeswitch/bin/freeswitch -stop

    /usr/local/freeswitch/bin/freeswitch -nc (for starting freeswitch)

  4. Login at ICTFAX GUI as admin

  5. Goto “ICTPBX System” -> “Provider Trunks” -> “Create new Provider Trunk”

  6. Enter Trunk_name also setup prefix settings as per your requirement and save it. Trunk_name must match with [gateway name] as given in your gateway .xml file in Freeswitch.

Note: Routes & billing are not part of the open source ICTFAX since version 2.0 onwards.

Configure DID to Receive Fax

Login as admin

  1. Click on “ICTPBX System” => DIDs
  2. Click on “Generate DIDs”
  3. Generate DIDs with assigning to users
  4. Click on “ICTPBX System” => “DIDs”
  5. Assign / deassign to users. Select user to forward. If there is an email to forward for that user, set it as well. Otherwise Leave email to forward blank.
  6. To set ’email to forward’, Login as particular user account
  7. Click on “My Incoming numbers”
  8. Click on right link “forward” to configure email address where to receive fax

User Registration Process

Creating a user is a two step process.

Step 1

Step 1 is carried out by the user who wants to create an account. The user will open ICTFAX GUI home page in his web browser and click on the “create new account” link. This will open a form. User will fill the form and click on create new account. Now user will have to wait for admin approval (or email activation link) depending upon how the registration process is configured by admin. (see step 2)

Step 2

Step 2 is carried out by the admin to enable that user on the web portal. There are 2 further steps that need to perform to allow user to be able to fax.

Step 2(a) Login as admin. Go to Admin -> People. Click on the “edit” against the user that you want to enable. Set his/her password, confirm password, and set status as Active and click save. Now user is active and can login at the web portal but still not able to send and receive fax. Admin has to manually communicate with the user to inform his password.

Step 2(b) Login as admin if not already done so. Go to ICTPBX System -> Accounts Management. Click on “Activate/block” against the user that you want to enable. Choose status to “Active” and click save. This will enable user to send and receive fax now.

You can also change the Step 2 slightly and allow user itself to create account, activate it through email verification. That will exclude the step 2(a) by admin. Admin will only need to perform step 2(b) for any newly registered user. This change can be made by Admin. Login as Admin -> Configuration -> Account Settings. In the registrations and cancellation block, select “Visitors” checkbox and click save. Now users themselves have to create and activate accounts.