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How to Update ICTFAX Installation


How to Update ICTFAX Installation

ICTFax Update Instructions

First of all note your current version of ICTFAX and ICTCore, you may need these information to select appropriate update script for your installation.

1: Update ICTCore

  1. As being super user (root) issue following command at shell
yum install ictcore ictcore-freeswitch ictcore-sendmail ictcore-email ictcore-fax
  1. Download latest version of ictfax from githup
  2. Update ictfax / ictcore mysql database while using appropriate update.sql file from update folder (ICTFAX source code)
mysql ictfax

and then at mysql prompt

source /path/to/ictfax/update/update.sql;

2: Update ICTFAX Modules

Replace ictpbx folder in ictfax/sites/all/modules with the latest one