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ICTFax is an advanced SIP fax server software that offers a reliable and efficient solution for faxing over IP networks. It is powerful VoIP fax server that allows users to send and receive faxes using a standard web browser. ICTFax support both T.38 and G.711 faxing protocols, which ensure high quality transmission of fax documents over IP networks.

ICTFax SIP fax server software has become increasingly popular among businesses and organizations as it provides a cost-effective solution for faxing. With using ICTFax web based software, users can eliminate the need for traditional fax machines, fax lines, and associated costs. This make ICTFax advanced SIP fax software an attractive option for businesses that want to reduce their communication expenses and streamline their operations.

It provides a user-friendly interface, advance features, and seamless integration with VoIP phone systems. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient faxing server software, ICTFax is definitely a perfect choice.

ICTFax is an advanced VoIP fax server software that provides best and reliable solution for businesses and organizations to send and receive faxes over IP netowrks without any fax machines and fax lines. With its advanced SIP server solution, ICTFax allows users to streamline their faxing operations while reducing costs and improving efficiency.

ICTFax support both T.38 and G.711 faxing protocols and provides advanced features such as fax broadcasting, inbound and outbound faxing, bulk faxing, retries options. This makes ICTFax an attractive option for businesses that want to reduce the communication expenses and improve their faxing operations.


ICTFax is a powerful open-source software that can be used as a SIP server for fax transmission. ICTFax as SIP server software enables users to send and receive faxes over the internet using the session initiation Protocol (SIP) technology. The ICTFax software is designed to work with modern IP based fax machines over IP networks.

ICTFax is a flexible and scalable solution that can be easily integrated into existing SIP-based telephony infrastructure. It supports various fax protocols, including T.38, G.711, and G.729, and can be used with a wide range of SIP enables devices and software clients.

With ICTFax, user can manage their faxes easily through a web-based interface. They can send and receive faxes, manage their contacts, and manage their CDR report and monitor the status of their faxes and fax campaigns. Overall, ICTFax SIP server software is an excellent choice for businesses and organizations that needs a reliable SIP server for fax transmission. Its open-source nature and advanced features make it a top choice for many user in the faxing, communication and telephony industry.



ICTFax is an open-source multi-tenant faxing server software solution for businesses and Internet VoIP/Foip service providers and it will enables ITSP’s to offer both outbound and inbound online fax service to their Customers. ICTFax fax server software enables businessa nd organizations to send and receive fax messages using their computer networks.

ICTFax is based on the industry standard protocol s of T.38 and G.711 and SIP, which ensure secure and reliable transmission of fax messages over the internet. ICTFax use Rest-API that provides a framework to businesses to automate the business process also it empowers internet telephony service providers to offer the following services to their customers.

  • Web to fax, Fax to web or online Fax services
  • Email to fax and fax to email
  • ATA/Extensions to send and receive faxes via existing Fax machines
  • Chrome extension to send fax

ICTfax is based on Open source operating system Linux and open source Freeswitch , ICTCore and Angular Framework.

ICTFax fax server software solution is suitable for businesses of all size and can be used in a variety of industries, including health care, finance, and so on. With its user-friendly interface, advanced features, and cost-effective pricing packages, ICTFax is an excellent choice for organizations looking to streamline their faxing processes and improve their communication workflows.

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Conclusion :

In conclusion, ICTFax is an advanced SIP and VoIP fax server software that provides a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective way for businesses and organizations to manage their fax communication. ICTFax offers a wide range of features and capabilities, including support for bulk faxing, Support with Rest-API, easy to use web-based interface, and so on. Additionally, ICTFax’s advanced features such as inbound and outbound faxing and communication, CDR report, and bulk faxing makes it a powerful product and tool for improving efficiency and streamlining workflows. Overall, ICTFax is a valuable solution for businesses looking to improve their fax communication while reducing costs.

Written by : DANISH HAFEEZ
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