How to Configure IP/User Based Trunk Adding in ICTFax?

ICTFax supports the Providers / Trunk management. There are following steps are listed to create a trunk.
Click on the Administration main menu, then click on the Provider / Trunk sub-menu, it will show the provider list, provider name, host, and other details.
Click on the edit button to overview and perform changes in provider information.

ICTFax Trunk

Create New Provider

Click on Add Provider button, it will open the provider information form that contains the required field.
Write provider name in the text box.
Click on gateway drop-down, select gateway type from a list like (Sip for fax, SMTP for email)

Access Credentials

  • Write IP in host field box-like (
  • Set dial prefix in the text box if required.
  • Click weight drop-list, select weight value from the list, weight sets the priority of trunk. Trunks will lower values will be preferred from others while doing route selection.
  • Write additional information in the field box.
  • Click on Submit button to complete the action as shown.

Trunk Add Form