How to Send a Fax in ICTFax Software and what is the Purpose of CDR reports?

ICTFax software has a simple interface, to send single fax by using ICTfax software is very easy. The following steps are listed below to send a fax.
Click on send fax option from the main menu, a list of outbound fax, phone number date and time, and details available on-page.


Add new fax in ICTFax

Click on the new outbound fax button, it will open send fax document form with required fields such as: Write the title of the fax in the text box.

Upload document

  • Click on the upload button, it will open a pop-up form to upload a new file/document or select from the document from drop-list.
  • Write destination number in field box or select contact from contact drop-down.
  • Click on the retries drop-down, set reties clock time in the field box.
  • Click on submit button to complete action as shown:

Send fax form

CDR Reports

CDR provides complete details of calls like (Call start time, Call end time, Call Status. etc ) which helps users to analyze results. The following steps lead to viewing CDR reports:
Click on the CDR reports menu at bottom of the main menu, it will open the list of CDR reports and other details.
Click on the export to CSV file button to download the CDR report as shown:

CDR Report

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