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Online Fax software (Web Fax – Web to fax – Fax to Web)


Online Fax software (Web Fax – Web to fax – Fax to Web)

The time of paperless office and more digital world has arrived ,Paper and ink fax machines which costs a lot are finally over because new ways of sending and receiving faxes are invented and conceived.

Online fax is the use of the Internet Protocol to send a fax,instead of using phone networks (traditional faxing) with a fax machine. Internet fax includes “web fax” along with VoIP fax, which is the use of Voice over Internet Protocol to send a fax.

Web To fax

The Process of sending fax from a fax server through internet is called Web to Fax service. The user connects to the fax server such as ICTFax on the web,specifies the receiving fax number and uploads the document to send. The document is usually in PDF,TIFF format and after that the user send the fax and fax gets delivered to receiving fax machine or fax server.

Fax to Web

The Process of receiving fax from a fax machine or from a fax server on the internet is called Web to Fax service. A fax is sent via the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) to the fax server which receives the fax and converts it into PDF or Tiff format,according to the instructions of the user. The processed file is then transmitted to the Web server,where the fax as an attached pdf or tif file can be viewed.

ICTFax is an online fax server which enables user to send file from web to fax machine through web to fax service. User can also receive fax as a PDF file through fax to web service.

After your account is configured by ICTFax admin you can send your fax through Web to fax by this method :

  1. Send new fax via “FAX Account” => “Fax Outbox” => “”Create New FAX”
  2. Enter the recipient number.
  3. Attach the Pdf (or other supported format) file.
  4. Press send and your fax will be sent.

This is the procedure send the fax through Web to fax service.

ICTFax is complete faxing solution that makes ICTFax a unique and innovative faxing solution.

ICTFax replaces the need of fax machines with new virtualized program which is more convenient in sending and receiving faxes. ICTFax send and receive fax online either by Web to fax or fax to web. It transmits the fax from user to the recipient through Fax over Internet Protocol (FOIP) to send a fax. Fax over IP is a special protocol. The key standardised protocol for this is T.38. It also uses G.711 which is a low compression codec in the absence of T.38.

It also enables users to quickly and easily send,receive and manage fax communications from their desktops.

To Receive fax by Fax To Web :

  1. You will provide your email address to Admin.
  2. Admin will create your account and provide you a DID number that you will use as your fax number.
  3. DID number which is assigned to you by the admin will be in the form of Number. This is the address where your faxes will be sent.
  4. All the faxes sent on this number will come in your Fax Server GUI inbox.