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ICTFax Technologies


ICTFax Technologies

Below are the technologies used by ICTFax for the Fax transmission.


ICTFax is based on FOIP (Fax over IP) which is a process of sending and receiving fax through Internet protocol. Foip works through T.38 and requires a T38 capable VOIP Gateway. Fax is also sent through pass through gateway using G.711 Codec which is a low compression codec. ICTFax supports FOIP which allows the transmission between fax server and ip. See more


ICTFax supports T.38 protocol origination and termination for fax transmission.T38 is a protocol that designs the fax transmission through a Fax server. It is needed because fax data can not be sent over a computer data network in the same way as voice communications. Fax gateway is required for such fax transmissions. See more


ICTFax supports PSTN faxing. ICTFax use PSTN fax terminals which supports T.30 protocol to send analog data. ICTFax uses PSTN terminals to exchange the analog signals during transmission, the T.38 protocol first converts analog data into digital data. The protocol then converts the data back to analog on the receiving end if the receiver is a PSTN fax terminal. PSTN (public switched telephone network) also referred to as the Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) are the interconnected voice oriented public telephone lines. See more


ICTFax supports G.711 faxing. ICTFax uses this low compression codec where the fax call is carried in a VoIP call encoded audio format. The reason that a codec such as G.711 must be used is because high compression codecs are optimized for human speech. Consequently, high compression codecs distort the fax tones and will cause FoIP calls to fail. In the absence of T.38 the fax is transmitted through G.711 Codec.


ICTFax supports PDF File format for the transmission of fax in email to fax or fax to email. PDF is a file format that has captured all the elements of a printed document as an electronic image that you can view, navigate, print or forward to someone else.


ICTFax supports the JPG file format in fax transmission. JPG stands for Joint Photographic Group who created the standard. It is mostly used for image files


ICTFax supports TIFF (Tag Image File Format) for fax transmission. It is a common format for exchanging Raster graphics images between application programs, including those used for scanner images. A TIFF file can be identified as a file with a “.tiff” or “.tif” file name suffix.