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The ICT Agent (a Google Chrome extension) integrates your ICTCore into Chrome to click-to-dial any number which is visible on web page functionality. Just click a number from a website or email while using Google Chrome and the number will dial automatically from your desktop/laptop. This extended functionality is very useful on your computer while using Google Chrome and don’t need to leave your current application or web page.

You have the option of using native/desktop applications (Mac, Windows, and Unix), the Progressive Web App, or our Web App with the extension. The only requirement is that you use Chrome as your browser.

Features List of ICT Agent(Browser Extension for Chrome)

Here is a list of ICT Agent features list.

  •  An Embedded WebPhone.
  •  It is Operating System Independent, we just need a browser.
  •  Click 2 Call.
  •  An agent can access contents, contacts, and communications from a single application(browser).
  •  It will make agent performance much better.
  •  It can harvest contacts from random pages/websites/ web applications.
  •  CRM Integration.
  •  Inbound and Outbound Calls.
  •  Call Transfer.
  •  Send DTMF.
  •  Load contact information of the incoming and outgoing caller
  •  Search for the desired Phone pattern
  •  Authentication
  •  Agent Login/Logoff
  •  Click 2 Fax.
  •  Inbound and Outbound Fax
  •  Fax Management

Requirement for ICT Agent

  •  ICTCore (Communication APIs for Call, SMS, Email & Voice)
  •  Chrome Version 70.+ (Official Build) (64-bit)
  •  Mac, Windows, and Unix OS (operating system)

How to Download and Install ICT Agent Chrome Extension

In order to Download/Add in chrome, visit the ICT Agent for Chrome through your chrome browser and click on the Add to Chrome button.

Setup/Configure the ICT Agent in Chrome

Click on 3 vertical dots and click on options as showing in the following image.

ICT Agent Settings

There are two option in setting portion of ICT Agent,

URL of the Communication Server

This is the URL where ICTCore is installed. You also need to add API at the end of the URL of your server e.g.

Username & Password in ICTAgent

Username and Password will use the same users’ creds that are in ICTCore. After entering user creds a success message will appear
Access information tested successfully!

Select Extension

After Information is verified all extension lists of the users will show in the drop-down menu. Select the desire extension which one needs to use.

Number information

ICTAgent also provides an API URL to get contact information.

Regex Pattern for Phone Number

You can also provide a custom Phone regex pattern to search a phone number on the web page.

Search Phone on the new web page

If this option is enabled, All phone numbers on every web page will automatically clickable.

Automatically open the Phone widget when clicking

When this option is enabled, the ICT Agent Phone widget will automatically open when any phone number is clicked on the web page.

How to Launch Dialpad

Simply left-click on the extension and the dial pad will appear, just enter the number and click on the green button to use the click-to-call feature from Chrome.