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Fax communication remains a crucial component of business operations, particularly in industries requiring secure and reliable document transmission. Open source fax server software offers organizations cost-effective and flexible solutions compared to traditional fax machines. These software solutions integrate with existing telephony systems and provide advanced features that enhance efficiency, security, and scalability.

Why Choose Open Source Fax Servers Over Traditional Faxing?

  1. Cost Efficiency: Open source fax servers eliminate the need for costly fax machines, paper, and maintenance associated with traditional faxing.
  2. Scalability: They can scale according to business needs, supporting multiple users and integrating seamlessly with other communication systems.
  3. Security: Open source solutions often provide robust encryption and compliance features, ensuring secure transmission of sensitive documents.
  4. Flexibility: These servers support various protocols and can operate in both traditional PSTN and modern VoIP environments, adapting to evolving technology trends.

Overview of Top 5 Open Source Fax Server Software in 2024:


Fax Transmission: ICTfax excels in facilitating secure and efficient fax document transmission. It supports both traditional analog faxing (using PSTN lines) and fax over IP (FoIP) using protocols like SIP and T.38. This versatility allows businesses to integrate fax communication into their existing telephony infrastructure seamlessly.

Multi-Tenancy: Designed with multi-tenancy support, ICTfax caters to organizations of various sizes and structures. It allows for the management of multiple users or departments within a single deployment instance, each with their own configurations and permissions. This feature is particularly beneficial for service providers offering fax services to multiple clients.

Web-Based Interface: ICTfax offers a user-friendly web-based interface for administration and management. This interface simplifies the configuration of fax settings, user permissions, and monitoring of fax transmission activities. It enhances accessibility and ease of use, reducing the complexity of managing fax communications.

Scalability: Scalability is a key strength of ICTfax, capable of growing alongside expanding organizational needs. Whether scaling up to accommodate a growing number of users or integrating with additional telephony systems, ICTfax ensures that businesses can maintain efficient fax communication without disruption.


ICTBroadcast is another robust open-source solution that focuses on fax broadcasting and mass communication. It supports multiple communication channels, including fax, voice, SMS, and email. This multi-channel capability makes ICTBroadcast a versatile tool for comprehensive communication strategies. Key features of ICTBroadcast include:

Fax Broadcasting Software: Specialized for sending bulk faxes to multiple recipients, making it ideal for mass communication campaigns.

Multi-Channel Support: Manage and coordinate fax, voice, SMS, and email campaigns from a single platform.

Detailed Reporting: Track the success and reach of your fax broadcasts with comprehensive analytics.


Fax Transmission: FreeSWITCH provides comprehensive support for fax over IP (FoIP) using protocols such as T.38. This capability enables businesses to leverage VoIP networks for fax communication, eliminating the need for separate fax lines and reducing operational costs associated with traditional faxing methods.

Modular Architecture: FreeSWITCH is built on a modular architecture, allowing for extensive customization and flexibility in deployment. Administrators can select and integrate specific modules to tailor the fax server functionality according to organizational requirements, enhancing operational efficiency and resource utilization.

Integration: As a versatile telephony platform, FreeSWITCH integrates seamlessly with various VoIP systems and communication technologies. This integration capability enables businesses to unify their communication infrastructure, combining fax services with voice calls, video conferencing, and other multimedia applications within a single platform.

Scalability: FreeSWITCH is designed to scale from small to large deployments effortlessly. Whether deployed in a small business environment or across multiple locations in an enterprise setup, FreeSWITCH accommodates growing fax communication needs without compromising performance or reliability.


Fax Transmission: Asterisk offers fax server capabilities through dedicated modules, supporting both traditional PSTN and modern VoIP environments. It facilitates reliable and secure fax transmission across diverse communication channels, ensuring compatibility with existing telephony infrastructure.

Flexibility: Known for its flexibility, Asterisk adapts to various business communication needs. Organizations can deploy Asterisk as a standalone fax server solution or integrate it with Asterisk’s broader telephony features, such as PBX functionality, to create unified communication environments tailored to specific operational requirements.

Community Development: Asterisk benefits from a vibrant community of developers and users actively contributing to its development and support. This community-driven approach fosters continuous innovation and ensures that Asterisk remains robust, reliable, and aligned with evolving industry standards and technological advancements.

Integration: Asterisk integrates seamlessly with third-party applications and services, enhancing interoperability and extending its functionality beyond basic fax communication. Whether integrating with CRM systems, email clients, or other business applications, Asterisk facilitates streamlined workflows and improved productivity.


Open source fax server software presents a compelling alternative to traditional fax machines, offering enhanced flexibility, scalability, and security features. Whether you choose ICTfax for its comprehensive multi-tenant support or opt for the reliability of HylaFAX+ and the flexibility of FreeSWITCH, each solution brings unique strengths to streamline document transmission and enhance business communication efficiency in 2024 and beyond.

By adopting open source fax server software, organizations can optimize their document management processes while reducing costs and maintaining compliance with industry standards.