• ICTCore updated please update your installation with "yum update ictcore ictcore-fax ictcore-email".

  • ICTFAX 3.0 is released with ICTCore and FreeSWITCH support.

  • Plivo Framework is dropped from ICTFAX. ICTCore has been introduced as a lightweight communication framework for FreeSWITCH

ICTFAX - Open source FoIP server software, Combines the Power of Freeswitch, ICTCore and Drupal

ICTFAX is an open source GNU GPLv3 based multi-user and web based software solution for service providers and businesses. ICTFAX is an email to fax gateway, supports G.711 faxing , PSTN faxing and T.38 origination and termination. ICTFAX based on open source Freeswitch, ICTCore and Drupal 7.

Similar to previous version, ICTFAX can be used in following faxing scenarios

  • Email to fax / web to fax / fax to email
  • G.711 based Fax Origination / Termination / Gateway
  • T.38 based Fax Origination / Termination
  • PSTN based Fax Origination / Termination / Gateway

ICTFAX - Introduction and Installation



For further help, support and queries please visit ICTFAX Forum

Commercial Support

Below are list of commercial support services for ICTFAX. If you would like to have your company added to this list, please Contact Us with a short description of your services.


Visit ICTFAX Demo site and use following credential to login

  • Admin Account

    username: admin
    username: demoictfax

  • User Account

    username: user
    username: demoictfax

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ICTFAX is developed by ICT Innovations